Corporate Profile

With a funded footprint of over 2,000,000 square feet, which at full capacity should produce in excess of 240,000 kg per year of high-quality cannabis, Aurora is one of the world`s largest and fastest growing cannabis companies.

Aurora has created a growing constellation of subsidiaries and strategic partnerships that provide differentiation in terms of geographic reach, production, technology, product offering, and execution.

With a growing number of countries adopting medical cannabis legislation, the Company has embarked on an aggressive international expansion strategy that currently sees Aurora with operations and/or sales and participations in Germany, Denmark, Italy and Australia.


Despite having received its license some 18 months later than most of its closest competitors, through agile execution Aurora has overtaken nearly all of these in terms of registered patients and revenues. The cannabis industry is still in its early stages, and by capitalizing rapidly on multiple opportunities, Aurora has quickly become one of the globally dominant companies in the sector.


Aurora implements technology across all corporate functions, from cultivation, to production, to customer care. This is evidenced by Aurora Sky, the Company's 800,000 square foot flagship facility, by launching the world’s only mobile app for ordering medically prescribed cannabis, by being the only LP to service two metropolitan areas with same-day delivery, and through innovative products such as the Aurora Envoy, the world's most advanced clone transporter.


The Company`s ability to execute is demonstrated with Aurora Vie, which was acquired, completed to EU GMP standards and licensed within six months. 

Aurora has made a number of strategic investments that are well-integrated into the operational infrastructure of the Company. Consequently, the value of these investments, several of which in public companies, has increased significantly.

Having one of the industry`s strongest balance sheets, Aurora has the means to execute on further, accelerated growth.

What you can expect from Aurora

Capacity Expansion

To supply the rapidly growing global medical cannabis markets, as well as position the Company on pole position to service the adult consumer-use market in Canada, once legalized (anticipated summer 2018), Aurora is rapidly expanding production capacity:

  • The Company currently has two fully operational facilities: Aurora Mountain (Cremona, AB), and Aurora Vie (Pointe-Claire, QC)
  • Has received the production license for its 100,000+ kgpa Aurora Sky flagship facility. Plant material has been moved into the facility, and production will ramp up over the coming quarters. Full completion of the facility is anticipated for mid 2018. This facility at the Edmonton International Airport will be the world’s most technologically advanced and largest capacity, purpose-built cannabis facility, designed to deliver high-quality cannabis at ultra-low production costs.
  • Is completing one further facility at Lachute, QC
  • Is completing the formation of a JV in Denmark, which will build Europe`s largest cannabis facility, measuring 1,000,000 sq. ft.
  • Funded capacity, including a 17.62% ownership interest in The Green Organic Dutchman, a producer of organic cannabis, exceeds 260,000 kg per year

International Expansion

  • Pedanios GmbH: with Pedanios, Aurora owns the European Union’s largest distributor of cannabis. Located in Berlin, Pedanios’ primary focus is the German market, which, with over 82 million people and broad insurance coverage of medically prescribed cannabis, is growing fast.
  • Aurora is one of only a few licensed cannabis companies that has EU GMP certification from cultivation through to import, release and distribution. This provides a very significant competitive advantage in a market with potentially over 400 million people and very few companies presently capable of servicing it.
  • Aurora was the sole winner of the first public tender to supply cannabis to Italy. Only two companies made it through to the final tender round, with Aurora being awarded all three lots. The Company anticipates that this early mover advantage should position Aurora well for further expansion in this market with over 60 million people.
  • Aurora is the cornerstone investor in Cann Group, Australia's first licensed cannabis company.
  • Aurora owns 51% of Aurora Nordic, a JV with one of Europe's largest growers of greenhouse vegetables. Aurora Nordic will construct an ALPS (Aurora Larssen Projects Ltd) designed, ultra-modern, high-technology greenhouse capable of producing in excess of 120,000 kg of cannabis per year.
  • To accelerate production and revenue generation in Europe, Aurora Nordic is retrofitting and existing greenhouse in Odense, Denmark, which should add some 8,000 kg per year in capacity while the main hybrid facility is being constructed.

Adult Consumer Use

  • Aurora is preparing for the legalization of the adult consumer use market for cannabis in Canada,. In addition to ramping up production capacity, Aurora has engaged in a number of initiatives to drive growth:

    • A 19.88% ownership interest in Liquor Stores N.A. (TSX: LIQ), the dominant alcohol retail chain in Western Canada. Liquor Stores will be converting a number of existing outlets, as well as develop new stores in strategic locations, for the sale of cannabis to the adult consumer use market. 

    • Aurora PRO ( is a broad service offering that leverages Aurora's purchasing power, quality assurance processes, technological infrastructure, cultivation know-how, distribution channels, as well as its best-in-class customer service to help simplify the sales process and effectively deliver products to market. Aurora PRO creates a quick, seamless, and scalable platform to facilitate wholesale B2B transactions, while at the same time offering a broad range of operational support services and market intelligence to private retailers.

    • Aurora has signed a supplier agreement with the Société des Alcools du Québec ("SAQ") to supply cannabis for the Quebec adult consumer market.


  • The Company is rapidly diversifying its offering through acquisitions, R&D, and strategic partnerships. This enables the Company to address multiple market segments, positioning Aurora for further rapid growth.