Our Facilities

Innovation is in Aurora’s DNA, and the Company is the industry leader in integrating technology into the design and operation of its facilities. Aurora Mountain is the world’s first indoor cannabis facility that was purpose-built from scratch.  The lessons learned at Mountain, one of the world’s most efficient facilities, are now applied across the Company’s new facilities. Aurora Mountain is an EU GMP certified facility, meaning the Company is certified to export cannabis from Aurora Mountain to Germany, and through its wholly-owned subsidiary Pedanios GmbH, to service the wider EU market.

Having spent a year doing extensive due diligence to identify the right partner to help the Company design its flagship facility, Aurora Sky, the Company partnered with Larssen Ltd., the world’s preeminent designer of ultra-modern, ultra-efficient and ultra-low cost (OpEx) greenhouses. Aurora Sky, currently under construction, will be the world’s largest capacity and most technologically advanced cannabis facility.

Meanwhile the Company has been expanding its footprint through the acquisition of Peloton Pharmaceuticals and H2 BioPharma, both in Quebec. The Peloton facility, now called Aurora Vie, was completed to EU GMP standards, and licensed in under six months. The Company is currently completing the H2 BioPharma facility to EU GMP standards also. 

Aurora mountain

  • World’s first indoor purpose-built cannabis facility
  • EU GMP certified
  • 55,200 square foot
  • 4,800 kg per annum cultivation capacity
  • Cremona, Alberta, Canada

Aurora SKY

  • World’s largest capacity and technologically most advanced cannabis facility
  • 800,000 square foot
  • 100,000+ kg per annum cultivation capacity
  • Strategically located at Edmonton International Airport, Alberta, Canada, providing immediate access to domestic and international courier services, customs, security and a whole host of other logistics and infrastructure benefits

Aurora VIE

  • Yield-optimized indoor cultivation facility
  • Built to EU GMP standards
  • 40,000 square foot
  • 4,000 kg per annum cultivation capacity
  • Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada

H2 BioPharma

  • Acquired November 2017
  • To be completed to EU GMP standards
  • 48,000 square foot
  • 4,500 kg per annum cultivation capacity
  • Lachute, Quebec, Canada


  • 51% owned JV with Alfred Pedersen & Søn ("APS")
  • Construction to start of 1,000,000 square foot hybrid greenhouse similar to Aurora Sky in terms of technology adoption
  • To be completed to EU GMP standards
  • 120,000+ kg per year cultivation capacity
  • Located in Odense, Denmark